Blue Royalty

In our modern day and age, or actually, in any day and age, royalty needs re-branding. What it means to be rich and to be royal is nothing but of materialism and blood lines.

What does it mean to be truly rich? To have everything you could possibly need, growing rich there inside of you. When you don’t need to look to the outside world to fulfill you, and you can completely fulfill yourself, that is to be rich.

To be truly royal? Is to be rich and flourishing all on your own enough to where you shine so brightly that others automatically want to follow you. It is truly understanding your self-worth and loving yourself to the fullest to where people automatically look up to you as if you were a king/queen. Unborn into the line of typical royalty, you became royal all on your own; from the inside, out.

You needn’t press releases and headlines to inform the public of your royalty; what it means to be truly royal, is to shine brightly and stand tall without any of it; simply on your own accord.

We will call this new type of royalty, Blue Royalty.